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  • Our New EMS Course Platform Is Here!
    Registration is now open for EMS providers taking CAPCE and Free CE courses. Get started on our new course platform by registering for a free Provider Account. With a Provider Account, you will enjoy streamlined enrollment in our courses and be easily added to an Agency Account later. Providers currently affiliated with Agency Accounts will… Read more: Our New EMS Course Platform Is Here!
  • Do You Need CAPCE CE?
    Changes to CE requirements in recent years have EMS providers who have always taken our state-approved CE asking if they now need to take our CAPCE CE. We understand the confusion because American CME has two libraries of CE courses: Free CE and CAPCE CE, and the courses in both libraries are the same. So,… Read more: Do You Need CAPCE CE?
  • Preview the New American CME Course Platform
    We’ve been working closely with EMS agencies, providers, and medical control authorities to provide low-cost and convenient CME and custom education since 2009. With all of the feedback and feature requests that we have received, we are creating an even more personalized, organized, and easy to use platform for managing and tracking your MCA assessments,… Read more: Preview the New American CME Course Platform
  • Michigan EMS Expo: Register Today!
    As an EMS provider, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and techniques in emergency medical services is essential for providing the best care possible to your patients. One way to stay on top of your game is by attending the Michigan EMS Expo, where you can earn 12-18 continuing education credits while learning from industry… Read more: Michigan EMS Expo: Register Today!
  • Welcome to American CME 2.0!
    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new education and resource hub:! In late 2022, American CME set new goals for empowering our EMS community. With a new executive director and board of EMS directors, we started the process of changing to a nonprofit organization, and we began updating our website. Our goal for our new site is to create a vibrant hub for connection, information, and awareness that promotes the advancement of the EMS profession while addressing the problem of EMS attrition…

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