By Chrissine Cairns, Executive Director, May 23, 2024

Welcome New Members!

Since the launch of the Americancme.org courses last August, 2023, almost 10,000 providers have enrolled, including 500-plus agencies. We anticipate sustained high enrollment throughout 2024, especially as our 60,000 members from our legacy site transition to the new platform. A warm welcome to all!

Legacy Certificates Now Available

If you earned a certificate on our old site within the last eight years, it’s now available on the Legacy Certificates tab of your My Account page. If you don’t see the Legacy Certificate tab, it means either you didn’t have any CAPCE or Free CE certificates on our old site, or you used a different email address. Please contact support@americancme.org to request that your new email address be associated with your old one to access your old certificates.

Legacy Site Sunset

With the legacy certificates now available on the new site, we will begin the next phase for sunsetting the old site such as removing the login form and having the americancme.com URL automatically redirect to americancme.org.

New CAPCE Patient Assessment Courses

American CME’s three Patient Assessment courses, which include Scene Survey, Initial Assessment, and Secondary Assessment, were previously available in our Free CE library. Now, these courses have been accredited by CAPCE and are accessible individually or as part of a bundle in our CAPCE course library.

New CAPCE Bundles

Calling all New Jersey Providers!

New Resources

Happy National EMS Week 2024!

At American CME, we witness daily the remarkable dedication of EMS providers to continuing education. We recognize and honor your trust in us to equip you with essential EMS knowledge and skills. Thank you for your engagement in learning and for helping us ensure effective transmission of vital information to the field to improve patient care and foster healthier communities. To all our amazing providers, training officers, chiefs, and coordinators, we celebrate you!

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